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Types Of Doctors In Westland And What They Do

Doctors in Westland treat different diseases that affect the humans body and other different ailments. Patients with different and simple ailments are provided with primary care by general practitioners. An expert doctor is one who is highly skilled in certain branch of medicine. These professionals are highly trained on how to treat and diagnose certain diseases. Such diseases include neurological disorders and heart conditions. There are many different fields of medicine; different doctors specialized in different fields are classified below.

The first doctor is a gynecologist. This doctor is specialized in treating problems that women have with their reproductive system. The gynecologist helps to perform pelvic examinations and Pap smear to detect cancer in its early stages. He also does breast examination and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. For women in need of the right birth control method, this is the right doctor to see.

There is no big difference between obstetrician and a gynecologist. Obstetrician is involved in childbirth and pregnancies. The major role he does is to conduct treatment of any problem related to pregnancy issues. They maintain the records of patient pregnancy progress and advise the patient on the diet to take as well as how to take care during crucial stages. The expert tells the patient about any possible complication as well as what to expect during pregnancy. He may also offer assistance in caesarean section or even in case of any surgical procedure in order to enhance safe delivery of the child.

A cardiologist is specialized in cardiovascular and heart systems. He treats heart and blood vessel conditions. In this field there are also other specializations where you will find a doctor who is specialized in pacemakers as a treatment option for heart conditions. A cardiologist can also specialize in cardiac catheterizations and many other cardiovascular methods of treatment.

Another type of a doctor is a dermatologist. This doctor specializes in skin care. He is trained in handling of particular diseases and conditions, which affect the skin. He also specializes in the right care of the skin. Dermatologists can perform surgical procedures on the skin like biopsies to properly diagnose a condition. He also helps to get rid of skin growths and moles.

A Podiatrist is a doctor who cares for the foot. He treats foot disorders like plantar warts, bunions, ingrown toenails, trauma to the foot and any deformity like club foot, among other conditions. He also treats fractures, sprains and any other injury to the foot.

A neurologist is a specialist who handles all the problems in the nervous system. He is able to diagnose and treat any disease in the nervous system or even any other disease affecting muscles, brain, spinal cord and the head. He treats different complications such as seizures, stroke, and brain tumors and head injuries among many other diseases. He does tests such as CAT scan, Mir and spinal tab in order to test any symptoms and offer the necessary medical attention.

A pediatrician provides healthcare to children from infancy to adolescence. He treats conditions and administers medication as well as carrying out of immunization to the young ones. He monitors the growth and development of the child by ensuring that the baby is healthy. These are some of the types of doctors in Westland, there are several other specialists who provide health care and are very important in the community.

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