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Areas Of Expertise Of A Dentist In Citrus Heights

Dentists are medical experts who are trained in diagnosing, treating and preventing of dental related diseases. Dentistry is a very wide field with a variety of specializations. When you need to see a dentist in Citrus Heights you have to know your problem first so that the specialist you approach will help you to save time and money. Below are some of the different types of dentists and what they do.

There exist general dental care specialists specialized in diagnosis of as well as remedying of dental issues in patients of any genders and age bracket. These professionals utilize fundamental dental care procedures such as routine oral cleaning, tooth extraction, root canal and fluoride-based remedies as well as filling of cavities. These individuals also advise patients on dental cleanliness.

Orthodontics practitioner is a kind of dental doctor who deals with aligning of jaws and treating malocclusions. This individual assists most patients with missing teeth in their dental formula, out of line jaws and teeth. Some of the devices that these professionals use include retainers, brackets among others that help to fix these types of issues. These types of dental care professionals are extremely useful to kids since the jaw structure and teeth of the kid building up at this time plus they require care to prevent them from misaligning.

An endodontist is a dental care professional offers tooth root canal services. This individual deals with diagnosing arteries, veins, pulp as well as nerves located in the internal cavity, which are responsible for making teeth alive. Besides this, these professionals also help in diagnosing oral and facial pain that can be challenging to diagnose.

A maxillofacial surgeon is a dental specialist who is specialized in providing surgical treatment solutions of all problems related to dental health. This dental doctor to resolve all defects of oral cavity and jaw through surgical methods to eliminate cancerous growths, correct muscle disorders as well as repair cleft lips. This specialist works jointly with cosmetic and orthodontists in the entire restorative procedures.

Gum disease cannot be cured, but can be treated. A professional who helps in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases as well as in the placement of dental implants is known as periodontist. If you suffer from periodontal diseases, a periodontist can help restore gum and save your teeth. The most common treatments that a periodontist can provides include cleaning and scaling teeth of tartar and plaque

A prosthodontic practitioner is a dental specialist who helps to restore and maintain oral functioning, health, appearance and comfort to a patient who has lost teeth due to aging, diseases or injury. His treatment includes replacing of missing teeth and gum tissue by use of structures like crowns, dentures and bridges. Where necessary he can also perform dental implant surgical procedures.

A pedodontist is a dentist who specializes in pedodontics. He provides dental care to children, adolescents as well as young adults. For this expert to be efficient in their service delivery, he has to work closely with other specialists. A Cosmetic dentist in Citrus Heights plays a major role in ensuring that your smile is restored by performing aesthetic procedures like bonding, teeth whitening and veneering. Besides this, cosmetic dentists provide general dentistry services to patients.

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