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Preparing For A Botox Elizabethtown KY

One of the best known treatments for facial conditions today is actually known as botox elizabethtown ky and is used for curing things such as wrinkles, rough skin, or any other type of bad skin condition. Now if one does not know about this treatment, then a description about it is that it is simply a substance that would help tighten the skin. Now before one would actually do this kind of treatment, there are certain steps of preparation that one would have to undergo before actually doing anything.

The very first thing to do in preparation for the process would be to simply wash the face and take a bath. Washing the face is actually an important part of the process because it will help eliminate the dirt in the face. That is why before any sort of facial treatment, the dermatologists would ask the patients to wash their faces.

Of course after a good facial wash, the next thing to do would be to give the face a short massage. A massage will actually relax the skin a bit and soften it up so the procedure will be more effective. In fact, it is actually more effective if one would rub the face with damp hands so that the water from the hands can actually cleanse the face.

Now after the wash and the rub, one may actually begin the botox treatment. Now the one that most dermatologists would recommend would actually be the cream version because it is not that strong and is the one that has lesser side effects. Of course it is easier to use because one just has to apply the cream on his face.

Of course after the first layer has been applied, then one may now apply a second layer to help tighten the skin. Once the second layer is already added, then one will actually feel the cream tightening around his face. Now most people will be scared but do not worry because as long as one breathes normally, everything will be good.

Of course there is a second type of botox which is the one that is inside the syringe and can be injected to the skin. Do take note that this is much more potent which means that there will be worse side effects as compared to the cream. However, it is known to be more effective and is usually used for those with bad skin conditions.

One very important thing to take note of at this point would be to take in a lot of water. Water is extremely important because the body has lost quite a bit of fluids in the process. Also, while one drinks water while doing the process, he will feel less tight.

So as one can see, the Botox Elizabethtown KY treatment is not as scary as it may seem. However, it is actually necessary that one will prepare himself and his face before he would actually go for it. After he has done the treatment, he will actually immediately notice the improvement in his skin.

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