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Individuals Discover How A Bioidentical Hormone Doctor Philadelphia Creates Wellness

By Julio Riess

The bevy of natural changes one goes through during their lifetime can change the way a body functions. Some ways in which they may be affected are in their sex drive, strength, mood and energy levels. Local Philadelphia customized wellness programs are one way in which bioidentical hormone doctors assist their patients.

Their purpose is to tend the needs of men and women who are dealing with the changes of their natural hormone levels. People usually begin considering this option as they enter their late 30's to their early 40's. This is a full circle plan that includes fitness, nutrition and replacement therapy.

Hormones are major influences on various aspects of one's well being including energy levels, moods and mental health. They may also affect physical changes in weight, bone density and muscle mass. The imbalances may be caused by things like andropause, menopause, environmental factors and pregnancy.

The only way to confirm that an individual is experiencing an imbalance is by a doctor ordering a very specific type of laboratory testing. There are some symptoms, such as hot flashes, mood swings, changes in energy levels, weight fluctuation, depression, anxiety and hair loss, that may alert one to the impending issue. A trained physician can analyze all the collective data to make a determination.

Bioidentical hormones match those created by the body natural on a molecular level. They are often used as replacements for testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, thyroxine, melatonin and many others. As they are constructed of natural products, each dose is determined by the patient's unique and specific needs.

If the doctor decides replacement therapy is the right approach, they will then determine the most effective system of delivery for the patient. Vaginal rings, gels, patches, pills, and creams are some of the possible options. The method of application and dosage are determined by the particular needs of each individual.

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