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How Blue Green Algae Supplements Encourage Good Health

The cloudy, pervasive murk that appears in some bodies of water when sunshine, temperature and nutrients reach optimal levels is called a bloom. It is actually a population explosion of microscopic life forms, the majority of which are not suitable for human consumption. While a few are actually deadly, there are edible varieties which are specifically grown to make blue green algae supplements, an increasingly popular dietary aid.

The organisms are biologically fascinating. While people might assume that their characteristic green color makes them members of the plant kingdom, these creatures are actually tricky to classify. Plant-like processes takes place internally, but they also have properties considered more bacterial in form and function. They have successfully lived for eons almost everywhere on earth, and have even been found underneath glacial ice.

Some salt-water species already provide agar for both industrial and commercial food production. Fresh-water species may sport their namesake cyan blue pigmentation, which is a result of internal photosynthesis, or the method plants use to process energy from the sun. Commercially grown varieties are transformed from pond scum to powders or tablets, and have been declared one of the most promising ways to end world malnutrition.

The designation as super-food may be hyperbole, but it is true that this product family has created a new market. Klamath Lake in southern Oregon is one of the best farming locations due to the local climatic conditions and a lack of pollution. Most commercial growers harvest types of Spirulina, which contains the highest levels of nutrients and can be controlled relatively easily.

The excitement these products generate among health-conscious consumers is easy to understand. Because of their unique internal processes, the same factors that give them their vibrant color also makes them higher in beta-carotene and vegetable proteins. Their anti-oxidant characteristics are well-known, and they also contain essential minerals and vitamins. These substances have been the source of substantial health claims.

Although few of those benefits are scientifically proven, advocates suggest using it to aid in weight loss, to ease depression and anxiety, or to address female reproductive health issues. The substance is said to boost the immune system and even reduce early stages of oral cancer, while eliminating chronic fatigue due to low energy levels. Some of the products are even recommended as a way to help conquer ADHD, or attention-hyperactivity disorder.

Some of those unproven assertions have created controversy and sparked legal action in the past, regardless of any nutritional advantages. Using this type of supplement as a natural aid is probably neither toxic nor harmful in recommended amounts, but the actual results cannot be easily duplicated in a laboratory. They are subjective, and vary widely for each individual.

While neither a medicine nor a drug, this food can be used in pill form, dissolved in water or juice, or sprinkled as a powder. There is little or no danger of over-dosing, although daily use is not recommended for pregnant women. Those who do partake regularly say that the substance increases emotional well-being and daily energy, improves physical functions overall, and imparts a feeling of robust health.

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