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Facts That You Should Know About The LPN Refresher Course

Most things deteriorate with time. Trees shed off old leaves to make way for new ones. Old sofas have to be reupholstered to appear new again. Old wooden furniture have to be treated after a few years to maintain its beauty and check for damages.

This is the same principle that applies to the professional field. If someone does not work in the field that he or she has graduated from, chances are, the skills that he or she has learned while studying will be forgotten. In line with this, professionals have to restudy everything. This is why licensed practical nurses who have not practiced nursing for five years or so have to take up lpn refresher course florida before they can reenter the nursing field.

Undergoing through a refresher course does not necessarily mean that your work performance is deteriorating. It also serves to update nursing knowledge. It will also serve as an assurance to your employer, both present and future, that you are really capable of the job.

Those who were not practicing nursing most often have expired licenses. These people are often required to take the refresher program to check if they still remember how to be a good nurse. As you may very well know, lack of practice can make the brain forget, and it will not do for a nurse to work when he or she has already forgotten some important points. The results can be quite disastrous, even fatal at times.

The LPN refresher program is also required even for those who have active licenses. To be able to do your job just like a thorough professional would, one must be up to date with the latest in the field that you are working in. Imagine yourself as a computer. If one hits the refresh button, the lagged windows will instantly fix themselves out and your device will run more smoothly than before it was refreshed. You are that computer, and you will be able to do more after this course.

To be able to get yourself enrolled in the LPN refresher, there are some requirements that you must be able to submit. The first one is your license, along with proof for registration purposes. You will also be asked to submit your newest CPR certification, transcript of records, and your diploma. There could be other requirements depending on which state you are in as of the moment, but those are the basic ones.

You will also be required to pay a fee for when you take up the said program. Again, this fee will vary according to the state you are in. The LPN course must be completed within one year. The actual amount of time actually depends on the one taking it, but you are given a year to finish it at your own pace.

Extension is permitted for those who are unable to finish the said course within the allotted time. This extension is good for three months only, and the one who applies for an extension must submit a written document of request thirty days before the required period of one year is over. If you must ask for the said extension, you will be required to pay the additional $75 fee.

Since modern technology has revolutionized human existence, LPN refresher courses are available online for the very busy individual. There are some online courses that are even offered for free. One must exercise caution though. To avoid wasting time and effort, make sure that the course you have enrolled yourself in is NAPNES approved.

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