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Obtain The Most Excellent Results With Good Tanning Spays

This article will deal with all aspects of getting a nice tan. Whether it is normal sun tanning or sun bathing, as it is also known, or getting a spray or self-tan when you use the lotion and apply it to the skin to create a browner look, the options are all open to you. It will also give you detail as to what exactly happened with the skin to eventually produce the nice golden brown color.

What is sun bathing? This is when a person lays in the sun with the idea of getting the skin to go a golden brown color. This is not always achieved. If that specific person has a very fair skin and he or she is in the sun for a very long time, they might first get a little sun burnt and then gradually go to the golden brown desired color.

Should the skin go to the red color as mentioned before it is recommended that you should keep the skin moisturized? This means applying lotion to these areas and keeping it well hydrated. By doing this it will keep the skin from peeling after being burnt and then eventually a gradual change in color from fair skin to a lovely golden brown desired skin color.

The golden brown color of the skin can prevent a person form getting really bad sun burnt with blisters and it can be really very sore when this happens. The skin also looks naturally very healthy and glowing. The person that has this color skin also always looks very healthy in general and they are usually, but not always, outdoor people that love sports.

So how does the skin produce this sometimes very radical skin color change? The skin has cells called Melanocytes. These Melanocytes produces something called Melanin. You get two different types of melanin that is produced by the melanocytes. The first one that is produced is called Pheomelanin and this melanin is responsible for the red color that the skin turns when you go into the sun. The second typed of melanin that is produced by the melanocytes is called Eumelanin. This melanin is responsible for the brown color that the skin turns when a person sun baths.

What is the function of melanin in general? The reason why the body or more specifically the melanocytes produces the melanin is to protect the body or the skin. The melanin absorbs the solar radiation and protects the body by doing this.

There are two kinds of ultra violet rays that you get. They are called ultra violet - A and ultra violet - B. The ultra violet - A is the radiation that causes an oxidative stress effect. This will oxidize the existing melanin. This effect leads to the rapid darkening of the melanin which in turn causes the golden brown color of the skin.

It is not recommended that you should stay in the sun for long periods of time. If you have a fair skin you should maybe try and be in the sun for no longer than thirty minutes at a time. This will help you do it at a gradual pace and prevent severe sun burning.
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