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Beautiful Bronze Shades Of Sunless Tanning Products

Sunbathing is the easiest and the cheapest way for getting beautiful bronze skin color, but it can also be very dangerous, especially if you expose your skin to direct sunlight. Although you can safely absorb sunlight early in the morning or in late afternoon, it is still advisable to wear appropriate sun block. People with more sensitive skin should explore other sunless tanning methods.

One of these widely popular bronze achieving methods is solarium. If you want to achieve deeper nuances, you have to be patient, and to take at least several shorter sessions. Other way you could get sunburns, or damage your skin. In any case, the skin needs to be protected, as well as your eyes. You have to be aware that you cannot get tropical nuance in one session only.

The biggest problem is the price. Solarium is quite expensive, especially if you are interested in maintaining deep bronze nuance all year long. The procedure can cause skin damages as well as skin aging, just as natural sunbathing. Pale people with sensitive or damaged skin should consider other methods of achieving desired tan.

Until some time ago, different self-tanners were quite famous thanks to unnatural orange tones they have sometimes produced. Fortunately, new lotions and creams give very nice, natural looking results. The best thing about these products is that you can pick the color you think is best for you, and have beautifully tanned skin the very same day. You can do it yourself, or visit some specialized salon.

Airbrush is the best method for applying fake tan lotions. Droplets are so small that can be applied extremely precisely, on all skin areas. You just have to go to your nearest self-tanning salon and let professionals do the job. You will find a disposable bikini there, but it is advisable to bring some old swimming suit of your own. Results are really nice and quickly achieved.

Various gels, lotions and self-tanning creams are very simple to apply. These products are available in a number of catchy shades, from gold to bronze intense. Instant gels provide quick results that may or may not be permanent, depending on the product. Different overnight creams are applied in the evening, and the final color intensity is visible the next morning.

Self tanners are mostly based on DHA. This natural substance reacts with outer skin layer, and the product of this reaction is altered skin color. It means that these products don't contain paint, and they get absorbed only to outer skin layer. Once set, the color lasts for several days, but it gradually fades, as your skin renewing itself and all these dead skin cells get removed.

Skin preparation for this procedure include gentle skin exfoliation. There are several very good skin exfoliating gels and foams that can be used for this, but you can simply use your washing cloth. Dry and rough skin areas require special attention, because they tend to absorb more lotion, and can become darker. Re-apply your chosen product when it's necessary. Color maintaining lotions can help saving color intensity.

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