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Ziehm Innovative Medical And Surgery Technology

Imaging has been revolutionary in providing flexibility and accuracy in present day surgery procedures. Ziehm has stepped in to provide excellent options through innovative and advanced technology. The equipment are easy to use and provide high quality images for use in multiple situations. They enable medical practitioners to capture detailed images from different directions to aid in clinical procedures.

C-arms delivered by the brand provide incredible solutions for orthopedic cases with dynamic challenges. The images produced can be integrated into OR work flows without any challenge. They are developed by experienced practitioners who understand the unique challenges of this market. They allow you to meet the demands of increasing customer numbers and their expectations on cost.

Traumatology requires imaging but can only be accomplished intraoperatively. This is because the procedure is only conducted during emergencies. The equipment produce 2D and 3D images on the bone structures. This is important for doctors during diagnosis. The equipment are easy to setup and operate. Staff at the facility will find no difficulty in mastering their operation.

Surgeries involving the spine are increasingly becoming non-invasive. An operation takes less time and is more accurate. This is an incredible advantage to patients and medical facilities because the expectations of each are met. The presence of metallic objects in the form of pedicle screws does not reduce the clarity or quality of images.

Machines provided for pain management procedures relief the pressure of cost and the challenge of rapid procedures. They offer a long term solution because of their advanced nature. Optimum imaging quality and reduced footprints make them attractive different users. This is a fast growing segment in x-ray and comes with increased demand for high quality.

Neurosurgeons work in an environment that demands incredible accuracy. The structures they deal with are very sensitive. Images from different angles help in guaranteeing the accuracy of their diagnosis. The cervical spine is an example of a part of the body that requires highly sensitive imaging. Intraoperative checks are enabled.

The complexity of anatomy structures where maxillofacial surgeries are required demands detailed images. They are only possible using highly specialized and sensitive equipment. The medical team handling such a procedure is also required to be highly experienced. Production of 2D and 3D images guarantees excellent results.

X-ray is increasingly being used to support kidney surgeries. The images for soft tissues require a lot of sensitivity and are crucial during the treatment procedure. They combine with those of the urinary tract to enhance diagnosis.

Brachytherapy is heavily reliant on intraoperative images to control positioning and insertion of applicators. Availability of high resolution images and the absence of distortion are crucial in maintaining accuracy and precision. This medical procedure has been greatly enhanced using imaging.

Provision of high quality imaging equipment to the medical profession has simplified such other procedures as endoscopy, interventional radiology and vascular surgery. The equipment have also helped to improve cardiac surgery, lithotripsy and electrophysiology. The brand has participated in enhancing hybrid room application in different platforms. Efficiency, effectiveness and durability is enhanced through excellent assembly. These items offer excellent value for money.

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