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Knowing All There Is To Know About A Spray Tan

These days, people do not want to be totally fair anymore because tans are now in and having darker skin may actually be healthier than having fairer skin. Now because of technology these days, it is actually possible to get tans without having to spend hours and hours under the sun. One can be able to do this with a spray tan.

Now if one is new to this kind of thing, then here are some bits of information that will be able to help him get the tan that he has always wanted. In a nutshell, the spray will cover the outer layer of the skin that is known as the epidermis. Now this part will be colored by a bronze substance that will give the skin the color.

Now when one would go into a salon in order to seek this kind of thing, the first thing that he will be doing would be walking into a private booth. This booth has nozzles all around the place that will shoot a certain substance to his skin. These nozzles may be located anywhere around the booth probably at the top or at the side.

One of the most important things to take note of before going into the booth would be to take a shower. Before going in, one has to make sure that his skin is clean and there is no spec of dirt found on the skin. After that, one has to use some exfoliating cream or lotion to help split the pores.

Now when one is in the booth and the substance is being shot to his skin, he must make sure that his eyes and his mouth are closed. Now women have to make sure that they would always wear shower caps so that their hair will not get in the way of the treatment. When that is already done, then one may already apply the bronzer.

After one has already been sprayed in the booth, the next thing that will be done will be the application of the bronzer. Now the bronzer is the substance that will be added in order to make the skin darker. This bronzer is the substance that will make the substance that was used earlier turn into a rather brownish color.

Once the bronzer is already applied, then one would have to now wait for several hours for the liquid to spread out through the body. Now while it is spreading throughout the skin, one is not allowed to take a shower because the water will wash away the substance that was put there. Now this would usually take around five hours before actually taking effect.

So basically, this is how this kind of process would work for customers. As one can see, it is an extremely simple process that does not take that much time and effort. Also, it is not very expensive as almost everyone can go to a salon and ask for it.

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