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London Dentist Puts A Unique Twist On Treating Patients

Many people avoid having dental procedures performed simply because the thought of it causes them great anxiety. It may be an intense fear of pain or the residual effects of a horrible experience in their past. Because this aversion affects a person's health, a London cosmetic dentist may have solutions to help their patients relax.

Traditionally, a dental office offers a choice between two types of pain management. The most common is the use of anesthetics such as the topically applied, Lidocaine, or the generally administered gas, Nitrous Oxide. The second method would be a sedative given either orally or through an intravenous feed.

Many people wish to cut such medications from their life, even for managing pain. The sounds of traditional dental equipment often causes patients to become tense, prompting some doctors to switch to laser drills, as they are considerably less intimidating. They may also offer to use a process of electronic stimulation known as TENS, which allows the individual to apply pulses of power to nerve points as needed for relief.

According to multiple studies, anxiety is the root of most cases of dental fear. It is widely believed that removing the stimuli that cause stress will help the patient relax, which often translates to less pain. A growing number of offices have started offering more natural solutions to help people deal with these issues.

The easiest way to accomplish total relaxation is to isolate the patient from those sights and sounds of the office which may intimidate them. It starts by using headphones to block external noises, allowing the user to concentrate on listening to their favorite music. Individuals are also encouraged to wear black-out masks to reduce light and hide the equipment from view.

For the most severe cases, a London cosmetic dentist may even suggest that the patient undergo hypnosis in order to escape their fears. Acknowledging the role of anxiety in the avoidance of oral care is important. Finding ways to relieve the symptoms could lead to better overall health.

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