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The Services Available From An Austin Foot Doctor

One of the biggest misfortunes that can befall any person is to lose mobility or to experience severe comfort when moving around. Yet many people experience chronic discomfort in the feet, lower legs, knees and ankles. It is astonishing to learn that most problems with the feet can be ascribed to neglect and a lack of proper care, as any Austin foot doctor will testify.

Podiatrists, the proper name for a medical practitioner that specializes in the treatment of the lower legs and the feet, are not only qualified as medical practitioners, but they also have to undergo intensive further training before they are allowed to practice as specialists. Podiatrists are trained to offer both medical and surgical treatment options, one of very few medical specialist fields that do so.

There are numerous things that can go wrong with the feet and adjacent limbs. Interestingly, though, the vast majority of patients that see a podiatrist are women and it is no wonder to learn that one of the main causes of feet problems are the prolonged wearing of high heeled shoes. Sportspeople also make out a large percentage of the patients treated by podiatrists.

Luckily, much can be done to prevent disease and injury to the feet. Of course, the most sensible precaution is to wear shoes that fit properly and that are designed for the purpose for which they are used. Sportspeople, especially, should take heed. Shoes are designed for specific types of movements and it is vital to buy the shoes specially designed for a specific sporting activity.

Another important part of preventing problems is to pay close attention to hygiene. The feet must be kept clean and dry all the time and special attention should be paid to the areas between the toes. This is where fungal growths often originate. It is also vital to leave any growths, such as calluses and corns alone. A surprising number of serious problems occur after people attempted to treat such problems at home.

No discomfort, pain or any visible symptoms such as swelling, rashes or growths should ever be ignored. The sooner medical help is sought, the quicker the problem can be dealt with and the less likely it is that more serious problems can ensue. Most podiatrists will testify to the fact that their most serious cases came about because the patient waited too long before seeking medical help.

Patients that experience problems in this area should ask their general practitioner to refer them to a specialist. Many general practitioners that treat such problems in their own consulting rooms simply do not have the experience or knowledge necessary to identify and diagnose potentially serious problems. They end up treating the symptoms and may unwittingly cause more harm than good.

A Podiatrist can help their patients to look after their feet and ankles. Many specialists concentrate on helping their patients to prevent serious problems. With proper care, good hygiene and an awareness of the importance of looking after the feet nobody should experience pain or reduced mobility.

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