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The Many Different Types Of Horseware

Horse owners today are very busy and have many responsibilities. Anything they can do to save themselves some time is well worth it. Many people are finding that the right horseware can really help them cut down significantly on grooming, especially if they are getting ready for an important show.

Many owners like to keep their horses wardrobe up to date. This often means getting some new items each season. The spring and fall are perfect times to go through what they already have and see if anythings needs to be updated, repaired or replaced. Most horse clothing items made today are very durable and machine washable. In some cases they can also be tumble dried, but others may be better off line dried.

A one hundred percent cotton sheet should not be put in the drier as it will most likely shrink. This can be very upsetting, especially for someone who has spent a lot of money to get a beautiful sheet in their stable colors. Most big barns and trainers have their own specific designs and color schemes. One of the reasons for this is that it helps them to keep an eye on their clients belongings when they are away at shows.

A show horse will need a lot of different blankets and sheets. During the winter horses grow a thick winter coat to keep them warm. Amazingly they can weather some frigid weather on their own. However, a horse that is in training and being ridden regularly will need to be clipped. In this process all the thick hair is shaved off. This allows them to be ridden without getting too hot and sweaty.

A show horse must look absolutely perfect when they go into the ring. This takes many hours of grooming and conditioning. Yet something as simple as having the right coverings can really make the crucial difference in the show ring. Many of the new rugs have a polyester filling that actually polishes the animals coat and adds extra shine.

Many young owners love to dress up their horses or ponies in these brightly colored rugs. They may also want to buy a matching halter and lead rope to complete the look. It is fun to have a variety of fun yet functional clothing for a favorite horse. Youngsters are often very competitive with their friends at the barn and like to see who can get the brightest outfit for their animal.

One of the newest horseware products to hit the market are stretch hoods or underwear for horses. These hoods are made from lightweight nylon and are available in sizes to fit the smallest pony to the largest thoroughbred. They fit over the horses face, neck and shoulders. Because they are so light they can be used even in hot weather.

The hoods are very quick to wash and dry and quite inexpensive to buy. For the hours of work they save they are totally worth the investment. They are made in a variety of colors and patterns. Hoods are one of the greatest new items of horseware to hit the market.

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