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Details About Breast Augmentation Anchorage

The different women that consider breast augmentation have various reasons for doing so. Some feel that their breasts are small, hence the need to make them larger. Small breasts may be as a result of pregnancy, weight reduction, while for others it is natural. There also are women that have varying breast sizes, hence the need to achieve equality in terms of size. Breast cancer may also lead to the need for augmentation, notably after the surgery. In consideration of breast augmentation anchorage residents need to know the details involved.

Usually, the implants are made of outer layers of firm silicone. These are then filled with either silicone gel or salty water. Prior to the procedure, surgeons discuss the type, shape and size of implants that are suitable for the patient. While they are manufactured to last a minimum ten years, they normally last much longer than that.

It normally is possible for women to breastfeed with the implants. There have been no reports of silicone found in breast milk. It is however possible for the implants to have an effect on mammography. Women who have done breast augmentation should inform radiographers in advance before they go for screening. Before deciding to go for augmentation, the family physician should be consulted as they may help with choosing the best hospitals or surgeons for the procedure.

There should be a meeting with the surgeon before the day of the surgery. They will take the patient through what they should expect before, after and during surgery. The patient will also be able to ask any questions they may have and have their fears if any, addressed. Surgeons only offer advice and it is up to the patient to make the final decision on whether to undergo the procedure. They may have to sign a consent form.

Proper preparation is required for the surgery. Smokers are supposed to stop smoking some months before the procedure. Smoking is known to lengthen the period of recovery. There should be no eating or drinking six hours before the operation. The surgery is done under general anesthesia, thus the patient will be unconscious. It may be an outpatient procedure or at times one may be required to sleep over at the hospital.

The breasts will need to be measured and have their shapes assessed. Further, there is the assessment of nipples and skin close to breasts. The surgeon uses drawings to mark the operation site. For comparison purposes, photos of the breasts are taken before and after the enlargement. The images taken are confidential. Mammograms may also be taken.

Prevention of clotting is done by either of two ways. Either the patient will be required to wear compression stockings or they may also be given anti-clotting injections. The surgery takes between one and two hours.

There are side effects and complications that should be expected, just like in most surgical operations. Some of the risks are swelling of breasts, discomfort and clotting. These however are not common.

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