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The Importance Of A Pill Straw In Swallowing Pills

This straw helps do away with the difficulty experienced by many people when swallowing drugs, prescriptions, medications, food supplements or vitamins that are in form of pills. It has a unique design that incorporates similar actions that occur not only in the mouth but also in the throat when taking food or having a liquid drink. By utilizing the simple elements, the pill straw has managed to transform the once difficult task of having medicine into a trouble free anxiety free experience.

Research done with regard to the use of this tube by regular individuals and also health care specialists in health environments ascertain that it is reliable, simple to use, consistent and washable. It can be used by both the young and the old.

To begin this process, get a straw and the medication ready. The size of the straw is largely determined by the size of the capsule or pill. One ought to remain calm and relaxed since it is extremely simple process.Doctors recommend the use of big straws since they make the whole process simpler. However the individual holds the final decision on the straw to use depending on his or her preference.

Get water or any other liquid you intend to use. Water temperature depends on what you prefer.

Put the pill on any part of your tongue. Slurp or simply take a huge sip of water and automatically the sip will be gone. The liquid from the straw suspends the pill in the mouth as it is swallowed thus eliminating or reducing chocking or gagging. Individuals can however decide to use their own unique ways so long as the medication with utmost ease.

The use of a straw comes with many more advantages; at the start of sucking, swallowing reflex is stimulated or triggered thus choking or gagging is avoided. The tablet also remains suspended in the water thus the after taste is minimized or eliminated. The remains level as swallowing takes place.

If the prescription schedule is not strictly adhered due to difficulties taking medication, the health of an individual or that of the person they are tasked with responsibility of caring for could be severely affected and probably lead to health aggravation. Up to 40% of American people have experienced challenges swallowing pills . 8% of these did not take the drugs in the correct intervals(consistently) while 14% delayed medication. 4% did not complete the prescription as given by the doctors.

Children are the number one victims of these difficulties. To them taking pills is totally alien since most of their drugs are administered in liquid form. However as they come to realize later, use of pills is inevitable as they can be taken at any time even when travelling, there is certainty on the dosage and they do not require to be kept in refrigerators.

Therefore parent are left with the burden of getting their kids accustomed to the use of pills instead of liquid medicine. In teaching them this art, parents will find these straws being incredibly useful.

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