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How To Put The Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation Self Tanning Lotion

For those people who would like to obtain an ultra dark tan on their skin, it is possible without exposing themselves to the harmful rays of sunlight. Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation Self Tanning Lotion is formulated using safe DHA sugar, and it offers that glow which is needed to turn your skin into a beautiful bronzing look. You no longer need to risk bathing in sunshine because there is a safer alternative to this, which is use of the self tanner lotions.

There are many self tanner products in the market and before you settle on one, ensure you have done good research. Although many people can tolerate dihydroxyacetone, the sugar used in these products, a few may show some reactions to the other active ingredients used in the products such as the additives and the scent fragrances. It is advisable you conduct some test to establish if a tanner product is good for your skin.

It will give enough time for the sensitive skin to heal and return to its normal sensitivity when you shave a day prior. The patch test is done on face because this is one of the most sensitive parts of skin. If you do not get reaction on face, most probably other parts of skin will not react too.

It is another thing that people should understand and steer clear of those tan beds. Applying self tanner products takes practice. If it is your first, you will have some imperfections here and there but with proper guidelines, you can minimize those botches and streaks. They are not impressive to look at but they will occur when you apply such lotions, especially if you do not follow the instruction properly.

Remember the skin is constantly releasing dead skin cells on surface and they tend to stick there until they are washed and removed. Even the normal showering does not do the trick in removing the oils and dead skin. Exfoliation proves to be effective in removing the oils and dead skin cells.

Do not rush to put that substance on your skin if you have not done some preparations. You may consider exfoliating a day before or some hours before you spread a tanner. Exfoliation entails removing the oils, salts, dead skin, dirt, and other substances on skin, which might affect the penetration of a tan.

If you have a skin clogged with dirt and dead cells, it means that the product will have to work out its way into the epidermis. For that perfect tint and glow, the lotions has to penetrate inside the epidermis where it reacts with the protein in skin thus causing the bronzed look. With an ultra dark tone on skin, it makes you feel confident, beautiful, and raises your self esteem.

But make sure that you do the tanning process properly. It will require you start preparing your skin in advance before the day comes for you to apply the tan lotions. The hair on skin will need to be shaved and the oils and dead skin cells removed.

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