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Methods Of Fasting To Tone And Lose Weight

Fasting to tone and lose weight is a great idea. It will help you to drop pounds, but this does not mean that all the weight you lose will stay off. You should be aware of the effects of abstinence on your body, and remain committed. This will allow you to keep most of the weight off.

In order to change the effects the food you eat has had on your body, you have to change emotionally and mentally to reverse those effects. Fasting has been termed as a 'reset' button for your taste buds. Your body will be cleansed of impurities and chemicals, giving you the ability to truly taste the foods you eat. There are different types of methods you can choose from.

The method you choose will depend on your goals, lifestyle, health problems and body chemistry. You may start with one method today and find that it is not suitable tomorrow. The first method is the dry fast, which is also known as Absolute Fast, Hebrew Fast and Black Fast. This is the most extreme of all the methods. It has spirituality as its base and is done by abstaining from food and water for very short time periods. This is a very interesting choice of fast, but is very rarely recommended for newcomers.

With liquid fasts, you limit your periods of abstinence to drinking liquids only. The water method is one of the simplest liquid fasts. From a physical aspect, it offers high therapeutic benefits and does not require long time periods for results. The process of detoxification happens quickly with this method. You may however find this to be extremely restrictive if you are a beginner in fasting.

Juice fasts have become a very popular method. It is a pure and natural method of detoxification. Two diets that fall into this category, the Lemonade Diet and the Master Cleanse diet have gained tremendous popularity. The maple syrup which is included in the diet provides the necessary calories. These diets are said to be very good for cleansing of the intestines.

An alternate method of abstinence is a partial method when some solid foods are still included in the diet. This diet is not dependent upon the quantity of food you eat. Limiting or excluding specific food types is what places it in this category. Partial fasts include particular diets, such as the rice diet.

An important factor of the fast is the time you allocate to it. Popular time periods include the three-day fast as it can quite easily be achieved over a weekend. Beginners should consider starting with a one-day fast. This provides you with insight into your body's reaction to this type of diet. The overall fast period should take into account the initial period during which you are changing your normal diet. The transition period when you slowly return to your normal diet should also be accounted for.

Fasting offers you the opportunity to lose weight in a healthy way. If you hope to tone your body after the weight loss, you will be required to do suitable exercises to achieve your goal. It may not be possible for you to do the exercises during the period of abstinence, but this is dependent on how you react to the overall process.

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