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A List Of Important Factors To Look Out For In Sun Laboratories Before And After Testimonials

If you have been searching in vain for a skin tanning lotion that is both effective and safe to use all year long, there is some good news finally. Today you can order a perfectly safe product online and be certain that you will use it for however long without fearing any spots or blemishes afterwards. But you may have to read a few verifiable Sun Laboratories before and after testimonials before clicking that 'Pay Now' button.

To begin with, you need to consider the formulation used in the manufacture of a skin tanning lotion before proceeding to other factors. This is because the ingredients used in composing the product will ultimately have a bearing on whether the cream is effective or not. As a standard, a good skin tanner needs to have a high concentration of natural tan inducers.

Admittedly, a product composed entirely of natural tan inducers is good value for money. However, this needs to be complemented by assurances that the tan induced will look virtually indistinguishable from a sun-induced one, even when observed from up close. Indeed, a tan worth having should appear as a natural bronze hue and not a sickly orange as some ineffective tanners are notorious for inducing.

How easy the product is in terms of applying an even coat all over the body is a factor which ought to be prioritized. Manufacturers often use innovative approaches such as making the tanners to have a light but consistent density in the formulation stage as well as adding an extra measure of dark tint. This makes it even easier to apply the lotion evenly on the skin without risking dark and light spots when the tan sets in.

It is possible that you will come across some reviews and testimonials decrying the fact that at first a Sun Laboratories tan looks much darker than expected. This can be explained by the fact that such tanners have a temporary dark pigmentation to aid in application. This extra color washes off easily with no more than soapy water and has no bearing whatsoever on the appearance of the tan itself.

If you have used an artificial tanner which required a fresh application every couple of days, then any skepticism you have towards the use of such skin tanners is understandable. However, Sun Labs products come with a guarantee to last you a week without noticeable fading. You may also add some extra longevity to a Sun Labs tan by exfoliating the skin thoroughly prior to application.

One of the most skeptical self tanner reviews mention that at times a product may saddle the user with a lingering foul smell. This is a consequence that only happens when you use products infused with an inordinately high concentration of synthetic tanners. The ones by Sun Labs are however infused with natural ingredients which only leave a faint but nice fragrance.

A good skin tan should be convincing as well as perfectly safe. As far as possible, do not order a product online unless you are satisfied on these two counts. Just read a few Sun Laboratories before and after testimonials and any lingering doubt will be cleared for good.

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